Play2Talk Therapy Programmes- London

For children aged between 6 months and 5 years we are able to offer centre based intervention programmes at our London centre.

For families living outside of our centre locations, or those who wish to limit their travel currently, we also provide a range of online services  here and training through

After baseline assessment (using a detailed developmental assessment) an individualised therapy programme will be created by our team. We will give you a recommendation for how many hours per week may be the most suitable. Each session will last between 1 and 2 hours, and will consist of 1-1 therapist led work and/ or parent coaching.

Sessions will support your child to move through their individual targets and build skills in areas such as communication, joint attention and play, as well as focusing on other areas such as fine and gross motor skills, cognition and personal independence. Therapy will be delivered by our trained PRT therapists and overseen by our senior therapist with ongoing input from our consultant.


All programmes will draw upon well researched methods and approaches and will be evidence based and data driven. Targets will be monitored weekly through data collection within sessions, video footage and parent interview. As partners in your child’s therapy programme you will be trained to continue to work on our targets at home, either through our centre based courses or during parent coaching.

Please email for a referral form (referrals accepted from parents and/or professionals).