Consultancy Services

We provide an in depth consultancy service either as a monthly or bi monthly option for clients or as a stand alone option for families who cannot regularly access our centre. Our lead consultant, Dr Ruth Glynne-Owen has a wealth of experience in autism and early intervention and is currently the only qualified Early Years Primary teacher in the UK  to have certification in PRT, ESDM and DIR/ Floortime alongside an MA in Autism and a Doctorate in Education.

Dr Ruth also has a Montessori teaching qualification and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Edinburgh. She has worked independently with families across the UK, Europe and further afield providing assessments, reports and individualised therapy/ home education programmes to support young children with a range of challenges. She has a particular interest in very early intervention for infants under 2 years old who may be experiencing developmental challenges or showing red flags for autism spectrum conditions, although she works with individuals across the age range.

Consultancy services  include:

  • Home assessments and follow up visits for distance families from across the UK and Worldwide
  • Stand alone assessment reports
  • Skype or video supervision for distance families
  • Regular consultancy sessions for locally based families in addition to their general therapy programme
  • Parent coaching
  • Nursery and school observations
  • Training for nannies and therapists
  • Training for nurseries and schools
  • Links with a variety of professionals in the field both within the UK and internationally

Intensive Services for Distance Families

We are happy to offer a 2, 3 or 5 day intensive visit for families coming from further afield and we will accept referrals for this service from across the UK and Europe. Please contact us on for further information. Intensive visits are generally run Monday-Friday, however weekends can be available with sufficient notice.