6 February 2023

When you discover your child has autism or communication challenges, it can be a very lonely place as a parent – you want to do everything you can to help your child thrive. We were keen to avoid some the pressured and reward based treatments out there (e.g. we were keen to avoid the treatments […]

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Our Nursery!

13 January 2023

We have recently opened our very own nursery at our Pimlico Centre here in London. The Play2Talk Nursery specialises in supporting children with early language delays and/ or social communication difficulties to achieve their fullest potential through accessing a bespoke EYFS curriculum in small class sizes and high adult-child ratios. So far the nursery has […]

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Our Podcast!

13 January 2023

We are very proud of the first 2 series of our amazing podcast Play2Pod. This podcast has proved to be a crucial first step for many parents on the diagnostic pathway for autism and other development related diagnoses across the world! The first series is a collection of stories of hope from parents who have […]

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3 May 2016

The benefits to Katie were almost instant – happier, more content and less frustrated. Over the next few weeks her speech blossomed and she started to have conversations for the first time…

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4 May 2016

Danny has been coming to Speur Ghlan for one year. It’s hard to remember the boy he was before he started therapy. He used one word at a time to communicate and found it difficult to engage with other children.

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4 May 2016

I was concerned about Daisy from the moment she was born as I had also had concerns about her older brother. She gave me no eye contact whatsoever for the first few months of her life, didn’t respond to noise and never smiled, not even at me.

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5 January 2014

We were seriously considering moving to Bridge of Allan, so fantastic was Anna’s experience, and the way in which she flourished during her time at Blue Sky.

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