Distance Families/ Intensive Services

Working across the UK and beyond, Blue Sky Autism can provide a range of services and options for families living further afield.

Currently we can offer fortnightly or monthly consultancy visits to families living in harder to reach areas of the UK where regular visits to our centres in Stirlingshire or London would not be possible. Our lead or assistant consultant will be happy to arrange an initial full day assessment in the first instance before organising regular visits to accommodate your specific needs as a family.

Intensive Visits

Blue Sky Autism also works with families based in other locations across the UK and worldwide and can offer a  2, 5 or 10 day intensive home visit  where we undertake a full assessment of your child’s strengths and difficulties and design an individualised programme of PRT therapy which we will begin to deliver over the course of your visit. We are also happy to travel to you and have already delivered services to families across Europe, Hong Kong, UAE and the USA.

We will spend up to 5 hours with you and your child each day which can be a mixture of 1-1 and parent coaching sessions. We also provide a parent training evening or afternoon in our training room where we will deliver our introductory theory training focusing on developing communication, interaction and play skills within your home environment. We can offer these visits as a one off starter for a family who wish to deliver their own intervention in the home setting or as a regular option for families who wish to have our supervision on a monthly, bi monthly or quarterly basis.

We are also happy to accommodate international families for an extended visit. Please see below for details of how a month at Blue Sky Autism worked out for Anna and her family from Hong Kong.

Anna’s Story

In January of 2014, our daughter, Anna, spent a month at the Blue Sky early intervention centre. Our family was based in Hong Kong at the time, so it was quite a big adjustment for Anna to make, but one we felt was going to be very worthwhile, having spent some time with Ruth previously.

In the run-up to Anna’s time there, it was clear how much time and thought is given over to making each child’s experience at the centre as positive and helpful as possible – Ruth and her team spent time understanding our objectives for Anna and then put together a timetable for her which focussed as much as possible on her development areas, whilst ensuring that she came into contact and spent time with peers that the Blue Sky team felt would be the best fit for her.

Right from the first day Anna spent at the centre, she and the family members who travelled with her were made to feel welcome and special; Anna immediately took to her “fun school”, and while the intensity of her timetable left her exhausted at the end of the day, she loved every minute of it. Her younger brother loved the centre, too, and was integrated into many of the sessions to foster and encourage appropriate inter-sibling interaction.

At the end of the month, we were seriously considering moving to Bridge of Allan, so fantastic was Anna’s experience, and the way in which she flourished during her time at Blue Sky. The ethos is so focussed on the individual needs of each child and that child’s family, rather than either wedded to one pedagogical philosophy or narrowly targeted at the child only. As parents of a daughter with special needs, we felt we got as much out of the month at Blue Sky as Anna did, both the reward of watching her respond so well to the therapy and the support and empathetic encouragement that we received every day.

Blue Sky is a truly remarkable place – full of hope, full of optimism, full of warmth and full of ambition for each child that sets foot inside the door. We have sought intervention and support for our daughter all over the world, Blue Sky stands head and shoulders above anything else we have found – what a vision Ruth has, and what a team she has helping her to bring it to fruition.