Referral Process

After you have made your initial enquiry we will send you our referral form which we will ask you to fill in and return.

We will then arrange an initial assessment where you will be seen by our Consultant or Assistant Consultant.

During this visit we will work with your child and undertake an in depth assessment of their strengths and challenges in order to build a clearer picture of your child’s unique developmental profile.

Subject to staffing and availability we would aim to have your child’s therapy programme up and running within 2 weeks  and we will also start your parent coaching sessions which will form part of your child’s therapy each week. Dependent on availability and location we would aim to have you starting on our initial parent training course within a month of beginning your therapy programme with us.


Families can choose to access either our general therapy programme or consultancy service, or a mixture of both.

London enquiries:

Scotland enquiries: