Early Autism Support

Pivotal Response Therapy for children with Autism in London and Scotland!

Blue Sky is an innovative and unique service providing individualised programmes of therapy to young children aged 6 months to 10 years old, experiencing developmental delays including autism. We focus on using evidence based approaches including the well researched Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT).
Children do not need a diagnosis to access our programmes and we can provide a range of support, from parent coaching to low and high intensity home, centre and nursery/ school based therapy programmes.

Katie’s Story

The benefits to Katie were almost instant, happier, more content and less frustrated. Over the next few weeks her speech blossomed and she started to have conversations for the first time...

Danny’s Story

His speech has improved so much and he is learning to socialise with other children. He is a happy and confident little boy. He adores his little sister and they now play (and fight!) together.

Daisy’s Story

Daisy is now 17 months old and she has a vocabulary of 50+ words, she is pointing, sharing, engaging, enjoying toddler groups. I’m still keeping an eye on her development but I know she has benefited massively from all the early help.

Parent Experience of PRT


Our team

Our team are the backbone of what we do at Blue Sky. At the front we have our amazingly talented therapists who come with a range of experience in autism, child development, psychology, early education and care. Behind the scenes we are very lucky to have a fantastic board, who volunteer their time to help us.