Early Autism Support

Specialist Autism Therapy Available Across the UK and Europe!
Blue Sky is an innovative and unique service providing individualised programmes of therapy and EYFS Nursery Placements to young children aged from 6 months old who are experiencing developmental delays, including autism. We focus on using evidence based Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Intervention (NDBI) approaches to support child development, including our own Play2Talk model alongside the well researched Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT), the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and DIR Floortime.
Children do not need a diagnosis to access our programmes or our nurseries and we can provide a range of support, from online parent coaching to low and high intensity home, centre and nursery/ school based therapy programmes.
Our play based, well established approach has a positive impact on all aspects of a child's development. It is particularly effective in supporting children to learn to talk.
Our recent premiere of A Film About Finding Your Voice features a number of children who have been accessing our programmes for the past few years:

Harris' story, featured on BBC Children in Need in 2019, is a fantastic example of how our input can support a child to achieve their full potential:

Our approach has also been incredibly effective for families during the COVID19 Lockdown, as our founder Dr Ruth Glynne-Owen explains in her interview with Kate Thornton:

We now provide a range of online services for families who cannot currently travel to our centres, or who live at a distance from either location.

Blue Sky is a unique organisation, with a unique outlook. Hear more about our story here:

Find out more about our London nurseries
here- www.play2talknursery.co.uk

Katie’s Story

The benefits to Katie were almost instant, happier, more content and less frustrated. Over the next few weeks her speech blossomed and she started to have conversations for the first time...

Sonny's Story


Daisy’s Story

Daisy is now 17 months old and she has a vocabulary of 50+ words, she is pointing, sharing, engaging, enjoying toddler groups. I’m still keeping an eye on her development but I know she has benefited massively from all the early help.

Parent Experience of Blue Sky Autism Project

Our team

Our team are the backbone of what we do at Blue Sky. At the front we have our amazingly talented therapists who come with a range of experience in autism, child development, psychology, early education and care. Behind the scenes we are very lucky to have a fantastic board, who volunteer their time to help us.