Public Response to Fake Glassdoor Reviews

11 July 2023

July 2023

The following has been written by the Chief Executive of Blue Sky in response to a number of reviews posted on the website Glassdoor:

Despite deciding some time ago to simply ignore the multiple fake negative ‘reviews’ that keep appearing on a largely discredited website called ‘Glassdoor’, it has now reached a point that we feel as a charity that we must publicly respond.

As a close knit staff team and Board of Trustees, we  believe these ‘reviews’ have been written by one former member of staff whose employment we chose to terminate a long time ago.  Whilst it is not appropriate to comment on their time with the charity, it is easy to see by the similarities/out of date terminology in multiple reviews (job roles, descriptions of services etc.) that it is likely to be this individual.
For reasons we don’t really understand, this individual has been posting fake information on this website over several years, often in response to positive charity posts/ stories/ events on our social media.  It is clear that this person is continuously watching our online presence and then responding through this website. It seems an unusually long time to hold a grudge against a small children’s charity that simply has high standards for their employees.

Blue Sky believe very strongly that these “reviews” are written with malice, are completely unfounded, provide no concrete evidence and are designed to do nothing more than damage the reputation of our business. It’s really sad that someone has chosen to do this to an organisation that is only interested in helping children with disabilities and their families get the help that they need.

It is also important to note that when people read these ‘reviews’, they keep in mind that these are written anonymously and on a website that does not allow any form of response from the businesses unless payment is made.  Glassdoor is not interested in helping in any way and appear to profit on the reputational damage that these type of internet posts can cause.

If you are considering using our services and these reviews are making you worry (as they are designed to do) please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can reassure you the excellent working practices we as a charity undertake daily

We also ask you to consider the validity of such websites that allow this kind of action without any form of legal redress.  Please read the following about Glassdoor for context:

Kind regards

Team Blue Sky