3 May 2016

In one of my many, many internet searches about autism, I was lucky enough, by chance, to come across Blue Sky Autism. The more I found out about them the more fantastic they sounded.

I plucked up the courage to contact them to ask for their help and within a few days we had been invited to meet with the lead consultant.

Ruth seemed to “get” Katie straight away and agreed to start Katie’s therapy programme the next week. Gary and I both felt a sense of relief. We had managed to do something, find someone to help Katie. We felt empowered and like we had managed to get some tiny element of control back over our family life.

Things didn’t appear hopeless anymore! Katie took to therapy right away. She loved it, eagerly asking after each session when she could go back to see the “nice lady with the toys”.

The benefits to Katie were almost instant. She seemed happier, more content and less frustrated. Over the next few weeks her speech blossomed and Katie started to have conversations for the first time and was able to answer some questions. Therapy seemed to be unlocking Katie’s potential. I think it’s incredibly sad that although the NHS advocates early intervention services they do not provide them in Scotland and in our case they didn’t even inform us of their existence or the benefit they could offer.

If it wasn’t for the amazing work of Ruth and all of her team at Blue Sky, Katie would never have been able to receive this fantastic life changing service.