I was born and raised in Spain but now Scotland (and Oslo) is home for me. I decided to move over here nearly 6 years ago and it was an amazing decision as here I found the place where I want to live and develop my career.

My first degree is in Drama by the Juan Carlos University in Madrid, I was working in the theatre for 4 years, it was an incredible experience in my life.

More than 20 years ago, at the same time that I was working in the theatre I became very interested in different alternative therapies, including reflexology and acupuncture. I studied these  for a few years and began running a little consultation in Madrid. Through all this, I discovered how connected our body and mind are and how important is to find the balance between them. For these reasons I decided to go back to university and study my second degree in Psychology. I discovered that this was my real passion! After my Bachelor Degree and one year of specialisation in Clinical Psychology I did a MSCc in Forensic Psychology and am starting a further MSc in clinical psychology this year (2019).