Kevin Guthrie


Sunshine on Leith actor Kevin Guthrie became the first ambassador of a small Scottish autism charity after hearing about the role on Twitter.

The charity, which is based in Bridge of Allan but active across Scotland, delivers early intervention for young children diagnosed with autism or developmental delays.

It uses a range of research-based approaches, including play and music-based therapy sessions, to help young children aged between six months and five years.

Paisley-born Kevin, who played Ally in the Proclaimer’s smash hit musical and has also appeared in Hogmanay Comedy ‘Two Doors Down’, said:

“I can’t wait to get involved with the incredible work of Blue Sky – it’s an amazing charity.

“At the risk of sounding condescending I feel that it’s right to give something back and this is a cause that is very close to my heart.

“Every kid in this world deserves a right to the best chance – the best development possible to them. When the chance comes along for us to help, in any way we can, it is our duty to say yes.

“My moral compass has been crafted by the best possible up bringing from my parents. If, by helping out, I can contribute even a tiny bit towards that for any child, then I will.”

As ambassador Kevin will have a hands’ on role, getting to know families, children and the staff team with regular visits when he is up in Scotland.

Ruth Glynne-Owen, founder of Blue Sky, said:

“Twitter has been such a powerful tool for us. Without it, I very much doubt we’ll have been able to secure support from Kevin and Tara.

“Kevin was really inspired and felt really strongly that he wanted to get on board as much as possible and help us begin to change things in Scotland for children with developmental challenges.

“We really wanted to add a Scottish face to our public image and we felt that Kevin, as such a talented up and coming Scottish actor, was just our guy.”