Assistant Consultant (London Team)

MSc Child Development; BSc Psychology; Certified Play2Talk Therapist

Hello, Ciao, Czesc! Originally from Poland, Julia nomadically grew up between Italy, South Africa, Russia and the UAE – developing a real passion for history, culture and diversity. Being the eldest of 4, her fascination in human development, the mind and behaviour was sparked early on and guided her throughout her journey and to where she is now…with us!

After finishing her BSc in Psychology, she worked in various clinical, school and home settings, witnessing first hand the effects of therapy on language growth, spontaneous communication, increased engagement, and decreased frustration all due to emerging means of communication. She then pursued her specialisation of interest by completing an MSc in Child Development at UCL.

She has experience in Early Intervention, Natural Environment Teaching methods, Incidental Teaching, Pivotal Response Training, Discrete Trial Training and Parent Education/Training and is fully certified in Play2Talk.

Although not blessed with an angelic voice, she enjoys adding music, constant creativity, and imagination into her sessions; no silly face is too silly nor is there such a thing as having too much fun!